Established in 2010

The Piercing Shop was created by two piercers with a combined history of more than 30 Years in the business of body modifications. We wanted a private location to accommodate our customers needs, in a nice comfortable setting.


  • All Body Piercings
  • Surface Piercings
  • Dermal Anchors
  • Male and Female Genital Piercings
  • Infant earlobe piercing(6 months+)

Our Staff and Facility

Our staff is certified in CPR, First Aid, Blood Borne Pathogens, and Infectious Disease Control, everyone is taken care of in a safe environment. We employ and implement proper advanced sterilization techniques, education, know-how, and most importantly, the promotion of your health and safety. Our staff will provide you with all the information you might need to be comfortable with the piercing/modification that you are looking to recieve. They will explain the complete process as well as healing times, and aftercare.